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David Mark Weber (born October 24, 1952) is an American science fiction and fantasy author. Previously the owner of a small advertising and public relations agency, Weber now writes science fiction full time.
Weber was born in Cleveland, Ohio.
Weber started writing in fifth grade. His first published novels grew out of his work as a war game designer for the Task Force game Starfire.
His novels range from epic fantasy (Oath of Swords, The War God's Own) to space opera (Path of the Fury, The Armageddon Inheritance) to alternate history (1632 series with Eric Flint) to military science fiction with in-depth characterization.
Many of his stories have military—particularly naval—themes. By frequently placing female leading characters in what have previously been seen as traditionally male roles, he has explored the challenges faced by women in the military and politics. In his writing, he creates a consistent and rationally explained technology and society.
The most popular character he has created is Honor Harrington. Her story, together with the "Honorverse" she inhabits, has been developed through a series of 13 novels, four shared-universe anthologies, and two sub-series. The series has over 3 million copies in print, and more than thirteen of Weber's titles have appeared on the New York Times Best Seller list.
A lifetime military history buff, David Weber has carried his interest of history into his fiction. He is said to be interested in most periods of history, with a strong emphasis on the military and diplomatic aspects of it.

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