Dog-Eared Delinquent (fb2)

Molly Fitz  

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Pet Whisperer P.I. - 4
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Dog-Eared Delinquent (fb2)Добавлена: 15.01.2021 Версия: 1.05.
ISBN: 9781644510254 Кодировка файла: UTF-8
Издательство: Sweet Promise Press
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Apparently I’ve been slacking on the job as a paralegal, even though the firm doesn’t know that I’m secretly working as the area’s premier Pet Whisperer P.I. to solve our toughest cases behind the scenes. Now they’ve hired an intern to “help” me manage my workload…

But what the partners don’t realize is that they’ve let a nefarious criminal into our offices. Trust me, Octo-Cat can smell this guy’s stink from a mile away. The worst part? I’m pretty sure he can talk to animals too… and he most definitely isn’t using his talents to solve crimes and defend the innocent.

So now I need to study hard to actually understand my abilities. Otherwise I just know this villainous intern is going to use his powers to steal both my jobs!

I never asked for this gig, but it’s time I gave it my all. Seriously, do you think I’m going to let this outsider beat me at my own game?

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