Celebrated Crimes (fb2)

Alexandre Dumas  

Исторический детектив   Классическая проза  

Celebrated Crimes [на английском (en)] 3.48 Мб   (читать) (читать постранично) (скачать fb2)
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Learn about some of the most infamous criminals from around Europe in this massive compilation from one of the foremost writers of historical fiction, Alexandre Dumas. In often-chilling detail, Dumas recounts murders, heists, and all manner of malfeasance from centuries of European history. This collection of 18 essays is based upon historical facts of famous criminals and the crimes they committed. Contents: The Borgias, The Cenci, Massacres Of The South, Mary Stuart, Karl-Ludwig Sand, Urbain Grandier, Nisida, Derues, La Constantin, Joan Of Naples, The Man In The Iron Mask (essay), Martin Guerre, Ali Pacha, The Countess De Saint Geran, Murat, The Marquise De Brinvilliers, Vaninka, and The Marquise De Ganges.

Теги: Classic Crime Fiction Historical fiction


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